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If you are seeking a room for rent in Ampang, we are here to help you find one that best suits your wants and needs. A popular area for expats, Ampang is a lovely suburb featuring a unique mix of colonial and modern buildings and a host of diverse culinary delights.
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1. Is Ampang a good place to live?
Those who decide to take up a room for rent in Ampang will find its lush parks and vibrant nightlife an attractive feature of this diverse neighbourhood.

2. Is Ampang a rich area?
According to numbeo, the cost of living in Ampang is 5.53% lower than in Kuala Lumpur. This is if you exclude the cost of a room for rent in Ampang.

3. Is Ampang safe?
Ampang is relatively safer compared to Kuala Lumpur, scoring 64.22 on the safety index. Kuala Lumpur only scored 35.68, according to numbeo.

4. What is good in Ampang?
This town has plenty of restaurants and bars buzzing with activity and makes for a good place to secure a room for rent. A notable bar is Encalve while 28 Fireplace is the place to go if you have a craving for good coffee.

5. How much would a room for rent in Ampang cost?
According to numbeo, a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs about RM1366.67.

About Ampang

Just outside the eastern border of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur is the spacious neighbourhood of Ampang. It is known to be the host of numerous foreign embassies and international schools. Home to many expatriates who found a room for rent in Ampang, this peaceful town has a lot to offer.

Ampang is the local slang for Ampang Jaya. This town derived its name from the old spelling of the Malay word “empangan”, meaning dam. It is a reference to Ampang's roots as one of the earliest areas in Klang Valley to be opened for tin mining.

Considered an elite neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang is just 10 minutes away from the city centre. It houses at least 34 embassies in the famous Embassy Row and a number of international schools like Sayfol International School and International School of Kuala Lumpur.

Residents enjoy spending time outdoors and would frequently hike Bukit Saga or visit the Ampang Recreational Forest. Future residents hoping to secure a room for rent in Ampang can also expect to taste the fine living this posh town has to offer. Many of Ampang's lounge and rooftop bars are said to have won awards.

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